Disease symptoms

Lower abdominal pain

Pain in the lower abdomen belongs to the category of nonspecific symptoms, which means the impossibility of identifying a specific disease only on this basis. The problems are added by the fact that in women and men the symptomatology may remain similar, but the subsequent diagnosed ailments will be fundamentally different.

In order not to reach the moment when the unpleasant sensations in the sides develop from ordinary discomfort into a reason for emergency hospitalization, it is better to contact a specialist immediately when the first alarming calls occur.

Representatives of the weaker sex, if they are concerned about pulling pains, it is recommended to immediately consult a gynecologist. This will eliminate the risks of developing diseases of the genital area at an early stage, whatever the reasons they cause.

Usually, diseases with localization in the pelvic organs indicate an inflammatory or infectious process. Moreover, the entire area will hurt, regardless of where the source of the lesion is: left or right.

The main causes of dangerous symptoms

Schematically, aching, any other pain will belong to the category of organic or functional origin. In the first case, we are talking about the fact that cutting acute pain will be a consequence of the inflammatory process, a cancerous tumor with localization in the pelvis. Moreover, stabbing, or, as they are also called among the inhabitants, stabbing sensations can be the result of tumors of both benign and malignant nature.

The organic group, covering even cramping seizures, includes an adhesion process, lesions of the genitourinary system, obstetric errors. In the latter case, the discharge becomes a frequent companion of the lady.

Such pain, often radiating to the leg or echoing in the groin, should be immediately diagnosed and neutralized, until the source of infection has spread to the right or closer to neighboring internal organs.

Among functional failures, problems with menstruation are noted. If in healthy young women the symptoms affect only single "backache" in the lower back, then with functional ailments the clinical picture is exacerbated. If the patient is diagnosed with problems with ovulation, then this also indicates a functional disorder.

Some patients are delayed until after a sex they have a real fit, where dull pain appears. Moreover, often such attacks are regular guests after intercourse every time.

Identification of typical features

To help yourself, it is better not to read the forum with tips from supposedly experienced users who advise you to self-medicate. It is much more effective, while the person is still standing on his own, to determine the main characteristics of the lesion, which will help to more accurately diagnose the disease.

Will require to determine:

  • intensity, realizing how strong feelings disturb the patient during the day;
  • the number of attacks, because frequent repetitions indicate a worsening of the condition;
  • localization, because often along with a lesion of the abdomen, the lower back, and sometimes even the chest, hurts;
  • related symptoms, which include frequent urination and diarrhea.

Further, doctors recommend figuring out what exactly can serve as the source of the problem. If this happens before the menstruation several times in a row, then this is an occasion to make an appointment with the gynecologist. But in some cases, after replanting the embryo, which is characteristic of IVF, such a phenomenon will generally be considered normal.

Separately, complaints are considered in early pregnancy.

Additionally, it will be necessary to determine the type of pain, including the following divisions:

  • acute when the cuts literally penetrate the perineum;
  • wave-like, which is also called periodic;
  • pulsating, which is fixed directly in the intestines;
  • constant, able to localize in the intestine, in the genital area;
  • dull, which appeared almost from nowhere, and "wakes up" when walking.

All of these options can be detected even in a child. Occasionally, they say that previous treatment did not give the desired result. Moreover, seizures are able to return even many years after the previous course of therapy. This is confirmed by numerous reviews of the victims.

What are the different types of pain?

In most cases, if the victim suffers from dull pain attacks, as well as bloody clots without reference to menstruation, this suggests progressive inflammation of the reproductive organs. Not only the uterus, but the appendages, ovaries could suffer. Similar symptoms occur even after an ectopic pregnancy, abortion, and curettage. In this condition, conception threatens to worsen well-being. In this situation, the question: what to do, there is only one answer - seek the advice of a doctor.

Sometimes blood, as well as concomitant brown, light brown, white, yellowish, clear discharge or mucus, indicate infection of the genital tract. Here, even a little delay can come back to fruition in the near future.

When the pathology proceeds without discharge, but the pain radiates to the back, this is not a reason to postpone a visit to a specialist. Especially if there is a fever. The rule applies even to ladies in an interesting position for a period of 36, 37, 39 weeks.

Urological issues affect the difficulty in urinating. Difficulties include not only general weakness, but also the inability to recover in a small way. Additionally, some patients have a burning sensation, a feeling as if the bladder had not been empty completely.

Damage to the gastrointestinal tract is no less dangerous, where pain in the lower abdomen occurs even in girls of 10, 11, 12, 14 years old, in a boy of 7 years or even younger. It is important to immediately determine whether they could get intoxication of a domestic nature. If they feel sick, you must immediately call the ambulance.

The same algorithm of actions is repeated if the crumbs are traced:

  • vomiting
  • bloating;
  • heaviness in the stomach;
  • the inability to go to the toilet in a big way.

Classical food poisoning even includes dizziness, but nausea and loss of appetite are still the main symptom.

But most of all, parents always worry that appendicitis is not inflamed. No one is safe from this, including men after 50, 60 years. The clinical picture for patients of all ages with seized appendicitis is always identical: wild pain. Traditional painkillers do not take it. If you try to endure, then you may even faint, so here any delay will serve poorly.

When the process bursts, it will be necessary to treat not just inflammation, but its more serious consequences. Typical symptoms of an inflamed appendix include a variable intensity of pain that is not clearly seen in the middle of the abdomen, but on the right.

Gynecological sources of damage to the lower abdomen

Doctors share the pain syndrome not only by type, but also by "gender." This means that the primary sources of unpleasant sensations in the left side or in the right side for women and men will be different aspects.

If we discard standard complaints in the middle of the cycle of menstruation, which are recorded even in teenage girls, there will still be many other pathologies. One of the most dangerous is an ectopic pregnancy. A detailed explanation of why such an unnatural state occurs, the doctor will be able to already at the reception. And the patient will simply need to contact if there are pains of a pulling and aching nature in the lower abdomen with haunting radiation to the lumbar region.

You need to go to the gynecologist even if the test showed a negative result, but the condition has not improved. And it doesn’t matter at all: whether this is the second pregnancy or the first, because no representative of the weaker sex is safe from such an unnatural position of the embryo.

If you want to take some time, you’ll be able to endure a rupture of the fallopian tube, which is signaled by really unbearable pains that will literally tear the stomach from the inside when moving, sneezing, standing, sitting, standing up, and generally with any change of position.

But even if everything went well with conception, the pain in the lower abdomen can make itself felt when at least 2, at least 20 weeks of pregnancy come. Attacks at the initial stages are aggravated by the threat of a miscarriage, or after a miscarriage the previous time, an exacerbation of chronic ailments.

However, often such a short-term destabilization is the tone of the uterus. The attack suggests that the muscles begin to stretch along with the growth of the baby. Not all future parents understand what a similar phenomenon means, trying to neutralize it by using medications. In fact, experts agree that in the absence of other deviations, such a mild pain in the morning or in the afternoon does not require medical correction.

Usually, if the future mother is explained what the term "uterine tone" means, they stop panicking and enter the second trimester absolutely calm. Here, just like in the 1st trimester, the load on the ligamentous apparatus continues to increase.

This means that softening of the ligaments, which was diagnosed at 7, 8, 10, 11 weeks, will continue even up to 40 weeks. In some cases, such phenomena are transient. This option indicates that during 13, 14, 15, 17 weeks, mild cramps that give into the rectum will persist. And during 16, 18, 25, 28 weeks, even when pressed, nothing will bother. Everything happens purely individually, so there is no need to worry if at 34, 35 weeks muscle tension was observed, and at 38 weeks they disappeared somewhere.

It is much more important to ensure that even mild manifestations in the later stages do not accompany abundant or meager discharge. In the people, the latter are called daub - liquid yellowish discharge, similar to mucus. Often they are accompanied by soft clots, or a cloudy liquid. If you find the above, you must go to the hospital, especially in situations after a Caesarean section in the past.

Pronounced pressing pain, complemented by spasms, suggests a serious pathology. In this situation, even at night, you should immediately call an ambulance. The primary source of deterioration of well-being can be both the relatively harmless Brexton-Hicks syndrome at 32 weeks, and suddenly attacked pyelonephritis. Gynecology calls the first case relatively safe, since it occurs in clinical practice quite often, even at 33 weeks. So the pregnant woman has a kind of training fight, which is considered a physiologically normal phenomenon inherent in the female body in the process of bearing the fetus.

Separately, complaints after embryo transfer on day 2 are considered. Patients will experience discomfort and even cramping pain. This is due to the features of the procedure, with which the doctor is obliged to familiarize the couple in advance. Something similar happens after insemination.

And in the future, the development of the fetus will occur according to the standard scheme. In mothers who underwent IVF, the uterine muscle should also stretch up to 30, 40 weeks. Only in this way the enlarged uterus, which has passed the stages of stretching at 4, 7, 9 months, can accommodate the fetus. But to summarize, the first trimester is still the most likely period for gynecological pain.

Pain in the lower abdomen during menstruation

But alarming symptoms are rarely seen even in girls who have not previously had sexual intercourse. If we discard the normal pains after the first act, there are still many problems, even among virgins.

Many young women complain that they are disturbed by unpleasant signs after training, during physical exertion, some suffer from deterioration in the lower abdomen from stress. But still, in most cases, the purely female primary sources of damage are associated with ovulation. In order to protect themselves, the fair sex should know the danger of such manifestations and how to get rid of them.

Only here is the doctor to explain how to treat ovulation syndrome, otherwise simple tingling phenomena without proper control threaten to develop into:

  • endometriosis;
  • cystitis;
  • a cyst or family of polyps;
  • hyperplasia
  • hormonal disruptions;
  • purulent lesions;
  • adenomyosis;
  • cholecystitis;
  • pancreatitis

Sometimes a delay in visiting a doctor ends with the genitals being diagnosed with a genital cancer or colon cancer. Not less often the girdle pain signals a hernia, but ladies mistakenly perceive it for chronic pains in the tailbone, in the kidneys, which make themselves felt after heavy loads.

And although it is generally accepted that omission of the uterus or fibroids is the “privilege” of an elderly woman, gynecologists do not think so. Doctors remind that any burning, shooting pain, or a “lump” in the center of the abdomen indicates the onset of active ovulation. The condition is maintained in any position: when you sit down, when coughing, lying down and even just when moving, regardless of whether everything happens in the evening, or at dawn after emptying.

Traditionally, short-term attacks are completed in a day or two. It will be possible to escape from them only after removal of the ovaries, which will deprive the girl of the opportunity to have children. Against this background, an unpleasant feeling at the bottom of the navel will have to endure, or when taking a doctor's appointment, ask for prescription painkillers. It’s strictly forbidden to prescribe them, as well as medications for menopause, colitis, and diseases of the bladder with a “return” to the anus and itching.

On such days, mucous discharge leaves the vagina. Moreover, the mucus should not have dark shades, and bleeding is considered a deviation from the norm. Only very minor bloody inclusions, rare spotting "vitreous" masses, sipping pains are allowed. With the natural course of ovulation, you don’t even have to look for what to take for pain neutralization. Long attacks like contractions, whitewashed with a smell from the vagina, as if with a thrush, concomitant chills are bad signs, on the occurrence of which it is necessary to urgently make an appointment for consultation, and not to look for something to drink on your own.

Purely male sources of pain in the lower abdomen

Apart from the frequent urge to go for little need among the stronger sex. When the patient notes that he wants to go to the toilet more often than usual, and this is not connected with the consequences after the operation, diarrhea in case of poisoning, then it is time to go to the urologist. With a high degree of probability, pain radiating to the testicles, terrible pain when trying to urinate, prolonged night attacks, which later bother even when sitting in the office, indicate that inflammation of the prostate gland has begun.

If women have the lion's share of problems regarding dysfunction of the reproductive system occurs after childbirth, during menopause, after medical abortion, then among men difficulties usually occur when over forty years of age. Today, urologists say that the average age of prostatitis is "getting younger." Against this background, you should not try to find how to remove the acute period, using candles, recipes of alternative medicine. It’s more effective to immediately sign up for an examination at the clinic so that the incoming pain does not turn into incontinence.The administrator of the medical center will advise on the spot which doctor to go to so as not to suffer anymore.

Postponement of therapy threatens prostate adenoma, inability to write normally, sexual dysfunction, persistent syndrome, overflow into the chronic form of prostatitis.

She is peculiar:

  • aching pain especially with tension;
  • feeling as if pressure is increasing over the pubis;
  • intermittent urination instead of normal.

An exacerbation will make itself felt every time after hypothermia, overwork and even with a cold, because the body loses strength, and the immune system gives up defense after antibiotics. Some young people experience discomfort after orgasm, increasing pain at the end of sex, after alcohol.

Only a doctor can help you figure out how to get rid of tingling and subsequent transformation of sharp pains when squats and even loss of consciousness due to daily difficulties with going to the toilet. He will give an assessment of the condition during palpation, send tests, explain what their results say. When a positive test comes from the laboratory, there is blood in the urine, an enlargement or bursting of the gland, its pain on both sides, an individual course of treatment is prescribed.

Emergency Aid

In clinical practice, there are two options for helping victims: emergency and planned. When the patient is uncomfortable with bending, after defecation, gas, itching in the anus, the consequences of surgical interventions such as removal of adhesions, they are helped by systematic treatment.

But there are a number of medical cases when help is needed right away, because the pain is really hellish, often accompanied by pain in the sacrum, pelvic bones, pubic bone, abnormal gas formation, loose stools. Here you do not have to look for what to drink, trying to get rid of the pain that radiates to the buttock, and immediately call an ambulance.

Doing this immediately is also necessary when:

  • Abdominal tension for more than an hour;
  • burning, burning pain, where cold sweat is traced;
  • jerking pain when inhaling;
  • terrible muscle cramps when it seems like you are pushing involuntarily.

Especially dangerous seizures, aggravated by sneezing.

Immediately after the arrival of an ambulance, you need to inform your doctor about concomitant chronic or transferred diseases.


  • progressive erosion, recent cauterization of erosion;
  • constant flatulence;
  • neuralgia;
  • ICP;
  • pelvic presentation with an interesting position of a woman;
  • condition after a frozen pregnancy, conization, hysteroscopy;
  • lumbar osteochondrosis;
  • gastritis.

Belching is taken after eating, heartburn, swelling, other repetitive conditions. Only a complete clinical picture will allow a specialist to draw up an optimal plan for further treatment.

Separately taken into account the state of health of the victim before the onset of the attack. Perhaps he had complained a couple of hours before that his stomach was rumbling, swollen, and there was frequent stool. All of the above, as well as any other deviations, must be voiced.

Primary diagnostics include blood pressure measurements and a heartbeat check.

At the same time, you need to remember how to alleviate the fate of the victim, knowing exactly what emergency measures are allowed to use, how to anesthetize shooting, nervous pains, stabilize a rapid pulse, high blood pressure.

First, you need to guarantee the patient transfer to bed, ensuring a state of rest, access to fresh air. It will be worthwhile to try to determine what causes discomfort. So, maybe he felt bad when running or after eating. Do not be shy to talk about an attack after an unprotected act, when the pain began to give to the thigh.

It is likely that a peak state occurred upon excitation and after proximity.

When the trouble happened during sexual intercourse, anal sex, then interrupting it will be the best solution. A heating pad or a bottle filled with ice water or ice is applied to the lower part, keeping in this position for no more than thirty minutes. Any hot compresses are strictly prohibited.

Taking painkillers is allowed only after consultation with the doctor. But here it must be borne in mind that some of them are not comparable with birth control pills, throwing after taking the medicine in a fever, causing bitterness in the mouth. To make any injections, to give sedative powders from nerves, to put enemas if constipation is traced is also strictly forbidden without prior approval from the doctor.

If difficulty breathing is traced, then you need to remove all the compressive elements of the clothes like a tie by unfastening the collar.

Diagnosis of chronic pain

Regular seizures that do not heal on time, but only stop, turn into a chronic ailment, which is much more difficult to treat. Often, such an outcome involves the formation of seals that develop into benign, malignant neoplasms. At advanced stages, numbing pain covers the hypochondrium, everything goes numb in the groin area.

To save from starting an irreversible process, which can start even just after falling from a small height, a carefully conducted diagnosis will allow. Ultrasound, laparoscopy, and magnetic resonance imaging are sent to women who have not started their periods for a long time, while the standard set of analyzes did not reveal significant deviations. With some pathologies that are diagnosed with laparoscopy, the specialist begins treatment immediately while anesthesia is in effect.

It so happens that it is not possible to find a physical reason for an incomprehensible pain in the lower abdomen. Then the experts decide to cross the nerve fibers that carry irritating impulses into the central nervous system.

With the cyclic syndrome, which is characteristic of a painful monthly, premenstrual period, ovulation is well helped by a well-designed program of combined hormonal drugs. They are prescribed with full control by the attending doctor, taking the course, or on certain days when the breast and nipples are swollen.

But the most important thing when creating a schedule of treatment of chronic diseases with such localization, the rule covers the rejection of self-medication. Then you can save the gall bladder, its ducts and other internal organs that previously sent pain signals.

In order not to endure when a part of the organ will be removed surgically, treatment should be started as soon as possible. Only in this way will it be possible to maintain health without significant consequences for the immune system.

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