Folk remedies against carcinoma

Folk remedies against carcinoma is a combination of various methods of treatment and prevention of cancer tumors used at home. For these purposes, non-traditional cancer treatments are most often used to help patients fight the development of the disease after surgery, prevent the possibility of relapse, and in some cases even cure the disease in its early stages.

Cancer is a serious and serious disease that, in its later stages, is practically untreatable. Therefore, many patients are looking for different alternative therapies, especially in cases where traditional treatment did not help get rid of the disease.

In this article, we will look at the most effective ways to fight cancer with folk remedies, discuss their strengths and weaknesses, and present some popular anti-carcinoma prescriptions offered by alternative medicine.

Herbal infusions for carcinoma

One of the popular methods of cancer treatment in traditional medicine is the treatment with herbs that have analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect, antitumor and sedative properties. Often this method of therapy is called phytotherapy.

With this treatment option, various tinctures, decoctions, herbal teas are used to help prevent the growth of cancer cells, improve the psycho-emotional state and relieve pain in such a serious illness.

One of the most common anti-cancer plants is celandine. This medicinal plant has active antitumor properties, contributes to the improvement of the digestive system, and also has a beneficial effect on the female reproductive system. Known positive effect of celandine on the heart and other vital organs, apply it to treat skin.

Celandine most often treats skin cancer, stomach cancer, breast cancer and even lung cancer.

Ointment on the basis of celandine is used for skin cancer. To do this, take fresh plant juice and mix it with petroleum jelly in proportions 2: 4.

Tincture of celandine can be treated and other types of cancer. For its preparation, it is necessary to wash the leaves of the plant, chop it up and pour it into a liter jar. After pouring them seventy percent alcohol or moonshine and leave to infuse for two weeks. In this case, the treatment of such tincture should be carried out very carefully, remembering that celandine is a plant poison. Therefore, the first month should be taken no more than five to ten drops per day, gradually increasing the dose to fifty. The duration of treatment for cancer should be about six months.

A very effective way to prevent the development of metastasis is an infusion of celandine, mixed with nettle and calendula. You need to take the same amount of herbs, chop them and mix. A tablespoon of the resulting mixture pour a glass of boiling water and place in a thermos. Take the infusion should be a glass a day: the first half in the morning on an empty stomach, the second - at night before meals.

Treatment of oncological diseases with plant poisons is very welcome in traditional medicine. Hemlock is another effective cancer treatment. This poisonous plant helps to improve the physical and emotional state of the patient and is most often used in the latter stages of the disease. For treatment, tincture with hemlock flowers is used, which must be poured with alcohol and infused for about two weeks. The medication is quite simple: take twenty drops of tincture per day, daily increasing the dose by one drop. Reaching up to forty drops, you should in the same order reduce the dose received. If necessary, the treatment can be repeated.

Another panacea for cancer is considered Jungar aconite, or a fighter. This herb has long been used to treat serious diseases due to its anti-inflammatory and antitumor properties.

Possesses such properties and the well-known aloe. The juice of the plant prevents the growth of the tumor and the development of metastases, facilitates the condition of patients after radiation and chemotherapy. Personal experience of many cured people suggests that therapy with aloe has a rather destructive effect on the cancer cells remaining after the operation. Apply a plant for cancer of the uterus and ovaries, prostate carcinoma and lung. It is effective for tumors in the intestines and stomach.

Cancers are also treated with golden whiskers, burdock root, potato flowers and chervil, dandelion and birch tar, tansy and wormwood. The sublimate and black cumin seeds are well established in this area.

Mushroom Cancer Treatment

Fungotherapy is also effectively used in the treatment of cancer. The most common types of therapy for this are chaga, amanita and shiitake mushrooms.

The red fly agaric, when properly prepared, exhibits high healing properties and helps to alleviate the patient's condition in case of cancer. For the medicine, the caps of the fungus are used, which are cut from a growing mushroom and put in a jar. Pour the cap in alcohol and place for forty days in a dark and cool place. The resulting tincture should be taken drop by day, daily adding one more at a time, until the dosage reaches thirty drops. After taking a break for ten days and again repeat the course completely. Red amanita is effective in leukemia, melanoma and other types of skin cancer. Such a drug is effective in the early stages of the disease.

Chaga mushroom is often used for the prevention and treatment of malignant tumors. Such a plant effectively fights metastases, restraining their spread in the body, prevents the growth of the tumor, helps restore the body weakened by the disease. Mushrooms are crushed, filled with water and infused. After that, the infusion should be drained and use it as a tea.

Shiitake is indispensable for cancer, due to its ability to inhibit the development of cancer cells. It is effective for sarcoma, melanoma, lymphosarcoma and other types of cancer. Often used simultaneously with traditional methods of carcinoma treatment, contributing to long-term remission of the disease.

Bee products in the fight against cancer

In folk medicine, propolis is very often used to fight cancer. It pathologically affects cancer cells, suspending their development, and also contributes to the overall strengthening and restoration of the body. For treatment, you can use propolis in its pure form, prepare ointments and medicinal oils from it.

The treatment of honey with oncologic diseases is quite common. This product significantly improves the emotional and mental health of a person, and also contributes to the slowing down and spread of cancer cells in the body. Recipes with honey, various herbs and spices are used for cancer of the stomach and breast, lung cancer and esophagus, as well as carcinoma of the skin.

Bee podmore is considered one of the most powerful antioxidants. It is effectively used to cleanse the blood and internal organs from poisons and toxins. Due to this, it has a positive effect on the body weakened by the disease and prevents the spread and development of tumor processes.

When collecting bee podmor should be aware that you can not eat inside the product collected in the winter, as it contains a large amount of poison and harmful waste products of bees. The best way to prepare the medicine is spring submor. Tinctures, ointments, decoctions, and oils that are effective in the fight against cancer are prepared from the powder of Podmore.

Aromatherapy for Oncology

Treatment of cancer with essential oils is also an effective tool in traditional medicine. The most well established in this matter is incense oil. It is often used in brain cancer, carcinoma of the breast, malignant tumors of the intestine and stomach, cancer of the prostate and pancreas. As a therapy, one should rub oil into the skin of the neck three times a day or drink three drops of oil daily, diluted in a glass of water, also at least three times a day.

Hemp oil therapy is also used. Cancer treatment of cannabis or marijuana has long been used in alternative medicine. The essential oil of this plant has a strong antitumor effect and contributes to the inhibition of growth and death of cancer-affected cells. This oil is most effective in carcinoma of the prostate and breast, thyroid cancer and malignant tumors in the colon.

In folk medicine, the treatment of tumor diseases with flax seeds and linseed oil is common. These ingredients are included in Joanna Badwig's famous anti-cancer diet, where in addition to them it is recommended to use cottage cheese or other fermented dairy products.

Juices in the treatment of cancer

Various juices are very popular in the treatment of oncology. Treatment of freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit juices shows positive results in the early stages of the disease. The substances contained in them, clean the blood well and help prevent the growth of cancer cells. Especially useful in this case, the red and green fruits.

It is best to help with such diseases carrot, beetroot, potato, cucumber juice, black radish juice, lemon and apple. A prerequisite for this is that the juice must of course be freshly squeezed and it can be stored for no more than forty minutes in the refrigerator.

Often possible combinations of foods, for example, carrots go well with beet juice, and beets with celery, spinach, and so on. Cabbage juice shows very good results, but it is desirable to keep it in the refrigerator for a short time before use.

Juices with pomegranate, cranberries, citrus, blueberries very well clean the liver and contribute to the removal of toxins from the body. In addition, they contain a large amount of pectin and plant fiber, which is very necessary for people suffering from oncological diseases.

Alcohol in Oncology

It is known that alcoholic beverages provoke the development of cancer. Alcohol detrimental effect on the cells of the body, which is often the cause of cancer. However, some traditional healers propose to treat malignant neoplasms with alcohol. Such methods include the Shevchenko method, which offers oncology treatment with sunflower oil and vodka. The author of the technique claims that such a mixture will help get rid of the disease, completely abandoning the methods of traditional treatment.

Bandages and masks for cancer

Often for the treatment of cancer in folk medicine used a mask with clay and salt dressings. Salt treatment is considered to be very effective, because it is a strong sorbent that inhibits pathogenic microorganisms, which under the influence of salt move closer to the skin surface. Thus, it is as if pulling the suppuration and bacteria from the affected place.

Saline dressing therapy helps very well in the early stages of cancer.

Clay masks also help in the fight against cancer, it is especially good to use them after surgical operations, in order to prevent. With the help of clay, it will be possible to remove toxins and decomposition products of cancer cells, which will very effectively cleanse the body.

Living Water in Oncology

One of the popular methods of traditional medicine is the treatment of oncology with live and dead water. Living water is alkaline water, which is an excellent antioxidant. It is rich in oxygen and can serve as a prophylactic agent for cancer, since cancer cells die in an alkaline environment. Cold melt liquid can be used as living water, especially as cold cancer treatment is also welcomed.

Dead water effectively removes toxins, heavy metals and salts, and live water normalizes acidity and metabolic processes in the body. Thus, after they are taken, pain in cancer patients is significantly reduced and the general condition is normalized. It is possible to consume liquids as inside, and to use them in the form of compresses or various lotions.

Drugs of animal origin against cancer

Cancer treatment of beaver stream and bear bile has positive feedback. These drugs are powerful immunostimulants with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. They are used at any stage of the disease.

For treatment, you need to mix a teaspoon of tincture of the beaver stream, half a teaspoon of bear bile and a tablespoon of bear fat. Consume such a mixture inside at a time. The number of techniques depends on the severity of the disease and the type of cancer.

Cancer treatment with other folk remedies

Recipes of traditional medicine offer to treat cancer with walnuts, black elderberry, buckwheat and oats, onions and garlic, apricot pits and camel milk, as well as cabbage, horseradish, vinegar, cottage cheese and eggs.

Often, ice cream lemon, ginger and graviola are found in such recipes. The latter is very effective in cancer of the tonsils.

In cancer of the stomach and prostate gland, elderberry is actively used. To do this, you need to grind the berries with sugar in a ratio of one to three. Also helps such thick in carcinoma of the skin.

Walnut tincture is effective in oncology. For its preparation, it is necessary to fill a three-liter jar with peeled nuts in the peel and, after pouring it with alcohol or vodka, put it for three days. After the resulting infusion, strain and pour into dark bottles. Store the tincture should be in a dark cool place.

Tips from biologists and doctors in oncology

You can often hear about cancer treatment with baking soda or sodium bicarbonate. Therapy with soda solution at home allows you to: suppress the development of cancer cells; prevent the spread of metastasis; reduce the involvement of lymph in the transport of affected cells.

Such a drug is quite effective in breast cancer, prostate carcinoma and others. Depending on the localization of the disease, sodium bicarbonate is used in the form of a dropper, orally, and also in the form of an aerosol.

The treatment of cancer with kerosene is also well proven. Often, purified kerosene is used to prepare anticancer tinctures, mixing it with walnuts or chaga. This substance has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, improves the function of the endocrine glands and nutrition of cells of the human body.

Another effective anti-cancer drug is iodine. With it, you can suspend the division of all cancer cells, and thereby slow down the development of the tumor. Such a medicine is most commonly used in breast carcinoma.


Traditional medicine is very often used to treat cancer. Patients at various stages of the disease resort to her help, and many even speak of complete healing after such remedies.However, you should not consider home medicine a panacea for such a terrible disease as cancer, and even more so to use it as an alternative to traditional treatment. It is best to use such recipes for prophylaxis, after surgery, radiation or chemotherapy.

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