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Is it worth taking synthetic vitamins: reviews of doctors

Vitamins are indispensable in the modern rhythm of life, it is not for nothing that this word comes from the Latin "vita", which means life. However, despite the fact that, according to statistics, their consumption is growing steadily, doctors are in no hurry to elevate vitamin supplements to the rank of panacea for all kinds of diseases.

The results of recent scientific studies prove that the use of vitamins does not bring tangible benefits to the human body. Moreover, scientists have received irrefutable evidence that in most cases a person does not need to take vitamins and mineral supplements at all.

The authors of the scientific study, debunking the benefits of vitamin preparations, was a group of researchers from the School of Public Health at Harvard University. In the course of the experiment, scientists found that natural products are much more useful for humans, from which a healthy body is able to independently extract all the necessary vitamins and minerals. As it turned out, the body absorbs “living” beneficial substances much better than artificial additives.

Thus, not addiction to vitamins, but a healthy diet, in particular the use of specific foods, which include nutrients so necessary for the body, has a positive effect on the well-being and quality of life of a person.

Nevertheless, there are situations when the human body is not enough just a healthy diet. So, in the case of some serious illnesses, stresses, as well as in the early stages of pregnancy, synthetic vitamins and minerals come to the rescue. In particular, folic acid contributes to the normal development of the fetus, for which minerals such as iron and calcium are important as well as for the mother during this period.

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