Pomeranets is an evergreen short tree with thin, long and prickly branches. The leaves are shiny, green above, and light green below. If you look closely at the leaves, you can see small dimples with essential oils. On the tree are large fragrant flowers, with four to eight petals. The fruit of an orange appears from flowers (flowers of Nice).

Orange fruit (kinotto) - looks like a thick-skinned flattened berry with an uneven surface. The peel has a bright orange color that can be separated from the pulp without much effort. The fruit looks like an ordinary orange, the difference in taste, the orange combines the taste of orange, lemon and grapefruit. The flesh is divided into twelve cloves, with a bitter-sour taste. Each lobule has small furrowed light yellow seeds.

Chinotto begins to bloom in early April, the flowering period is thirty days. The vegetative period and the process of fetal maturation occur from November to January. This plant is not in its wild form, as the plant is variegated. It is grown in the countries of the Mediterranean, in the Caucasus, in Southeast Asia.

Beneficial features

The chemical composition of bitter orange has incredible beneficial properties that affect the condition of the body and the central nervous system. The aroma of the fetus is actively used in perfumery, for medicinal purposes, in cosmetology and in cooking. This kind of orange stimulates and restores the skin, reduces pore size, and perfectly tones.

Myrtle leaf orange has analgesic, choleretic, antiseptic properties. The plant has medicinal properties, such as anti-inflammatory, antirheumatic, diaphoretic, antispasmodic, laxatives. Orange extract helps to cure cough, wounds, positively affects memory. Fruit seeds have a positive effect on appetite and suppress chest pain. This plant is actively used in the treatment of hernia and inflammatory processes of the testicles.

Ways to use Bitter Orange

Citrus juice has excellent bactericidal properties, it is used to treat a variety of diseases of the oral cavity and throat. A cotton swab with orange juice instantly stops nosebleeds. If you mix orange juice with sugar, you can get an unrivaled drink with choleretic properties. The product is widely used as a remedy for high blood pressure, a remedy for a hangover. Fragrant product has a strengthening effect on the nervous system and heart muscles.

The peel with a pronounced orange smell can strengthen the muscles of the stomach and heart. For use, you need to take the peel, dry, grind with a mortar. Ten grams of powder should be consumed daily with clean water. Broken peel helps to get rid of cardiac arrhythmias and vomiting syndrome. You can get rid of a headache with an ointment: the powder from the orange peel must be mixed with a small amount of vinegar. Ready ointment is applied to the whiskey.

Grains of bitter orange have an antidote effect, help with the bite of poisonous insects and snakes.

At home, you can prepare remedies for a variety of diseases and syndromes:

From insomnia - you need to take ten grams of valerian roots, ten grams of lemon balm leaves, ten grams of hops, ten grams of orange flowers. Mix everything well. The resulting mixture (two spoons) should be poured with one glass of boiling water. Cook over low heat for five minutes under the lid. Take one cup at bedtime. If you are not allergic to honey, you can add a spoonful of honey to tea.

For a calming effect you need to take:

  • twenty grams of lemon balm leaves;
  • ten grams of dried hypericum;
  • ten grams of orange flowers;
  • five grams of rose hips (fruits).

Pour boiling water over one tablespoon of the collection - 100 grams, cook on the fire for five minutes. Strain and drink tea three times a day.

Collection for appetite - for cooking you need to take ten grams of orange peel, ten grams of wild rose and ten grams of centaury. One teaspoon of the collection, scald with boiling water. Five minutes to leave to infuse, strain, drink in the form of heat before meals three times a day.

The recipe for vodka from orange at home - to prepare you need to take one teaspoon of crushed dried peel of bitter orange, pour 2 cups of vodka. Infuse the drink for fourteen days in a dark and cool place. Strain the product, use for grinding, for compresses. Helps with joint problems.

In addition to allergic reactions, the product does not have any contraindications.

Pomeranian and cooking

Bigardia (essential oil) of orange is actively used in cooking. Chinotto is often used to make candied fruits. In England, jam and marmalade are made from the pulp of orange. Sweet and sour fruits are incredibly combined with cheeses. The product is added to salads, sauces, marinades, drinks, cake impregnations.

Chinotto can be grown at home from the seeds of a ripe fruit. To do this, place it in a moist special soil for growing citrus fruits. The care rules remain the same as when growing an orange or lemon indoors. It is important to create a humid and at the same time warm climate.

Calorie table and BJU

A product with a low calorie content, therefore, it can be added to the diet of losing weight.

Calorie content24 kilocalories per 100 grams
Squirrels0.81 grams
Fat0.31 grams
Carbohydrates11.54 grams

Recipes with orange

Marmalade - for cooking you need seven fruits of orange, twelve tablespoons of powdered sugar, zest of one fruit, a bag of confiture. Description of preparation: wash the fruits, peel them, peel each slice of membranes, or squeeze the juice from the halves of the fruit. The result should be four hundred grams of juice.

Pour juice into a container made of stainless steel with a thick bottom, add powdered sugar and zest. We warm to a boil, separately prepare the confiture, pour the mixture into orange juice. Cook for five minutes. Cool a little, pour into special forms, leave until the morning. Roll the resulting marmalade in icing sugar. Natural marmalade is fragrant, tasty and incredibly healthy.

Candied fruits - for cooking you need to take the peel of one kilogram of orange, two glasses of granulated sugar, one glass of pure water, three grams of citric acid, a pinch of salt. Rinse the peel, cook in water three times. First time cook in two liters of water for ten minutes. We rinse the peel of cold water. The second and third times the same procedure - put the peel in two liters of water, add salt, cook for ten minutes, drain and rinse. Syrup is prepared separately. Cut the boiled peel three times into strips, pour in the syrup and cook for an hour. Add citric acid, leave to cool completely. Sprinkle sugar on top. Candied fruits can be used as a healthy delicacy, and can be added to pastries, cereals, desserts.

Jam - for cooking you need to take one kilogram of fruit, six hundred grams of sugar, one glass of water, fifty grams of citric acid. Fruit is mine. First, prepare the zest. You need one teaspoon. The zest should be placed in a pan with prepared water. We clean the fruits from the peel, carefully remove all white veins, divide into segments, cut each and remove the seeds. Put slices in water, cook for thirty minutes. Add sugar and cook for another twenty minutes. In order to obtain a homogeneous consistency, put the jam in a blender and beat. Put the mashed potatoes in a saucepan, bring to a boil and roll in jars. Keep refrigerated.

Drink - for cooking you need to take half a liter of water, a tablespoon of sugar, three chinottos, one tablespoon of liquid honey. Rinse fruits, peel. The zest is boiled for fifteen minutes and infused for two hours. Put the infused liquid on the fire, add sugar. Squeeze juice from the fruit. Pass the resulting juice through a sieve and combine with syrup. Chill the drink and add honey. It can be consumed with ice, it will turn out a great tonic drink.

Chinotto is an incredibly useful plant, which is actively used in cooking, in medicine and in cosmetology.

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